A Bit About Us:

Here at GrowEasy Aquaponics, we got sick of seeing such a limited range of aquaponics products available – especially since most of them were either super hard to use and maintain, or simply just didn’t look very nice.

So we went hunting to find a system that was both stylish and practical – Thus, the GrowEasy Aquaponics All-In-One Starter Kit was born.

Our mission is to make backyard aquaponics as simple and easy as possible, so we designed a range of products and kits that need only basic installation and provide ease of operation and expansion.

The modular systems we provide will work just as well with a small backyard pond as they will in a large scale farming environment. This makes them the perfect solution no matter what your aquaponics goal may be and means you can easy start small and scale up in the future if you want to dip your toes in the water before you commit.

We’re based in Melbourne, Victoria but we ship our products Australia wide, and our vast network of couriers help ensure you can get your kit from us no matter where you’re located.


Our Values:


We're Here To Make Things Easy

We didn’t call ourselves GrowEasy Aquaponics just because it sounds good.

Our entire brand is built around making aquaponics as simple and easy as possible for you. 


We Care About Sustainability

Aquaponics systems only use about one tenth the amount of water as traditional gardening.

This is great for your water bill, and the environment as it greatly increases the sustainability of your home veggie patch.


We Believe Home Fresh Is Best

We want to make sure that everyone who wants to grow their own food is able to do so.




We're Community Minded

At GrowEasy we believe that aquaponics is for everyone, that’s why our systems aren’t just designed for home use. They’re completely scalable and can be used in classrooms, community centres, businesses and more.


Meet Our Signature Product:

The GrowEasy All-In-One Starter Kit

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